Managing HR functions can be chaotic without a reliable HR software. Wagemaster HR Software Kenya is just a few clicks away.

Wagemaster HR software Kenya is all you need to streamline your HR department. Our HR software Kenya module tracks leave entitlements, reminds on contracts and probation, keeps a record of disciplinary issues, links to employee documents, and much more. Wagemaster, the best HR software in Kenya, has an HRIS module that allows you to record, process, and retrieve vital HR information about your staff. This makes for a more efficiently run organization and a happy workforce.

Employees and supervisors can apply for their own leave or for those under them using importable forms. While staff can be kept up to date via email on their leave status.

The ability to link any document, including PDFs, MS Word documents, and image files, means you can maintain a paperless HR Office.

All the HR Software features you need- in one simple, customizable HR Software Kenya for businesses like yours.

  • Recruitment module
  • Probation and contracts tracking
  • Paperless leave maintenance
  • Appraisals management
  • Disciplinary records
  • Employment history
  • Education and skills
  • Document linking
  • Reminders with user defined intervals

A flexible payment method that rewards with peace of mind.

Wagemaster is an all-inclusive, feature-rich HRIS software that integrates with the Payroll software module to create a seamless, less painful, less chaotic way of managing your employee information.


  • Permanent & Casual employees payroll
  • Bank transfers and Payslip emailing
  • Approved returns for PAYE,NSSF and NHIF
  • Paperless leave and recruitment
  • Multiuser with custom user permissions
  • Single company license no annual charge
  • Price


  • Ksh 23,200/=


  • Ksh 34,800/=


  • Ksh 46,400/=


  • Ksh 58,000/=


  • Ksh 69,600/=


  • Ksh 92,800/=


  • Ksh 116,000/=


  • Ksh 150,800/=

A simple, one-off purchase to give your books peace of mind. No renewals.

With Wagemaster, all you need is a single license purchase to take care of all your payroll and HR processes. No monthly or yearly renewals are required. Our solution is built to scale with you as your business grows and you bring in more employees. If you need to scale up, just top up and you are good to go.

  • We offer a 20% discount on additional companies within the same group. Proof of belonging to the group may be required. The discounts apply to the cheapest of the licenses purchased.
  • You may install the software with the same license on as many computers as you like. The license fixes the company name only.
payroll kenya license

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Wagemaster license is a lifetime purchase and does not require you to renew.

Wagemaster is developed to grow with your organization. All you need to do if your current employees exceed that of your license is to upgrade to the next package or alternatively by the unlimited package.

Yes, we offer virtual support or in-person support where our team representative will visit your premises to offer support.

You can test out of our software for free with our demo license. Simply download the setup and run it.

Sure, you simply export your data and use it at home or store it safely as a backup.

Wagemaster is charged at one license per organization. It can be installed and activated on all the desktops and PCs that it’s required to run on. Besides, Wagemaster is can be set up to be accessible over your organization’s network.

Wagemaster provides a series of tax reports which include these and more:

  • PAYE Reports
  • P10 certificate
  • P9A Certificate
  • Annual PAYE
  • P9A Benefits
  • NSSF Reports
  • NHIF Reports
  • HELB reports etc

Download Wagemaster Payroll and HR Software for free (unlimited demo period)

Download our wagemaster payroll Kenya for free and run the demo to understand the features. If you have purchased a wagemaster license, one of our representatives will be in touch to guide you. If you are running a demo before making a decision, please reach out to us via 0722718373. 

1. Download the correct installer compatible with the Microsoft Office edition installed on your computer.
2. Run the installer
3. Select demo license, login with no user name or password.

Wagemaster Payroll installer for computers with any Microsoft Office Professional Edition

  • File Size: 11.15 MB
  • Last updated: July 22, 2024

Wagemaster Payroll installer for computers with any 32-bit Microsoft Office Version

  • File Size: 223.15 MB (standalone)
  • Last updated: July 22, 2024

Wagemaster Payroll installer for computers with any 64-bit Microsoft Office Version

  • File Size: 295.48 MB (standalone)
  • Last updated: July 22, 2024
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