Payroll Software Implementation - How to ensure success

Payroll software implementation
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Payroll software implementation should not be carried out casually by any organization. A range of factors has to be considered to ensure that the software undergoes successful implementation. Payroll systems are now considered a necessity rather than a luxury by many companies.

There are several reasons a company would need to start using a payroll system. New systems, however, present their own risks and are faced by implementation issues like hardware failure, lack of staff training, internal power struggles, and poor data cleansing. Neglecting key implementation issues could cause failure in projects.

Factors to Consider To Achieve Success in Payroll software implementation

Considering these factors during implementation, however, could help the project deliver its full projected value.

Involve everyone early enough

Change is vital but sometimes it’s not always easy. Motivation is therefore important and should come from the organization’s top. The employees should know that not only will the payroll system be profitable to the company; it will also increase efficiency and make their work easier.

Be assertive in that the payroll has to be used but also motivate them by showing them what benefits they will receive. Provide reports, briefings, updates, FAQs and bulletins that show how everyone in the organization, from the executives, HR, finance department and the employee receiving a timely and accurate paycheck, will benefit.

Have an implementation timetable

Do not underestimate the time needed for the payroll system to be up and running. Set up a schedule and communicate to everyone. Do not rush the system. Set up and allocate time for setting up and training on the new system.

Make sure that time allocated accomplishes its goals every day to avoid frustrations from users and encourage cooperation.


Training is an important phase of of payroll software implementation since it will ensure that users become happier, more effective, with fewer errors and that the payroll system achieves its utmost objective. Help them understand how the payroll system works first before training them on how to use it. They will be more effective if they understand from the start the system, the processes involved and the procedures to follow. Ensure that you keep emphasizing the key benefits involved if the system is implemented so as to generate some excitement about the change.

According to Clemmer Jim, Why Most Training Fails, “Trainees should immediately see the connection between their new skills and where the organization is going. This makes training more relevant – and gets everyone focused on applying their new skills to the organization’s key priorities and goals.”

Deal with data

Data migration will prevent any holdups on the schedule that you have put up for the payroll system. Ensure that there is a collaboration between the payroll staff and the IT department so as to facilitate cleansing, extracting, interpreting and importing of employee data into the new system. Plan effectively so that the schedule is met and no delays are seen on the go-live date. Do not rush things, however, but ensure that data imported is accurate.

Understand the costs involved.

Consider both measurable and non-measurable costs of payroll software implementation. Pay only for things required during the implementation while keeping in mind foreseeable future needs.

Following these five tips will guide your payroll software implementation project and make it a success. Proper planning of time and cost will be a huge contributor to this success.

Make sure employees are fully involved in the project and clearly set out expectations from the start. They should feel like they are part of the decision-making project. Manage any resistance and help them fully embrace the payroll system. With everyone on board, the implementation will be a sure success.

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