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Work with a team of experienced software developers who understand your business’ unique needs

Digital Frameworks Ltd was incorporated in 2011 and comprises a team of dedicated and experienced software developers delivering high-quality software solutions to persons and organizations looking to maximize their leveraging of available computer resources.

Our products- Wagemaster Payroll and HR software, Time Attendance system as well as our software consulting services, delivered with the interest of our clients at heart. We thoroughly vet our solution propositions to ensure they fit the client’s scenario and that they are future-proof.


Payroll Software

Wagemaster payroll software features complete computation of payroll from basic entries of earnings with automatic tax calculation and deductions tracking

HR Software

Wagemaster HR module allows you to record, process, and retrieve vital HR information about your staff,  resulting in a more efficiently run organization and a happy workforce.

Attendance System

Clearly capture, track and record employee attendance and work hours and post directly to your Wagemaster payroll and HR software or export the data to any other HR Software

Our Customers

Our Payroll and HR Software customer base is diverse including accountants, schools, factories, hospitals, hotels, farms, and many other types of businesses. We are proud to have customers in every corner of Kenya many of whom we have gained through referral.

payroll and hr software


To develop high quality, feature-rich software products that are easy and intuitive to use and to provide value addition through product support and continuous product evolution


To be the reference point in helping companies and organizations realize their potentials, ROI, effectiveness and flexibility through the use of software solutions curatively made for their needs, industries, and circumstances.


The company upholds the following values as a guideline to its operation and business transactions:

  • Innovation
  • Customer Value
  • Support
  • Professionalism
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