Wagemaster Payroll, HR & Attendance Software

Payroll software

All organizations with employees should have an effective payroll software that enables accurate computation of payroll taxes and production of payroll reports including payslips and tax returns.

Wagemaster Payroll software for Kenya is cost effective, customizable and easy to use with powerful features for both single and multiple users.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management software is used to manage organizations employees tracking their enrollment, career progression, job performance and other aspects of their employment. It can be integrated with payroll for efficiency.

HR software tracks leave entitlements, reminds on contracts and probation, keeps a record of disciplinary issues, links to employee documents and much more

Time attendance

Time attendance systems enable the effective tracking of employee punctuality, hours worked and time missed.

Using biometric attendance terminals ensures clockings cannot be forged and eliminates buddy punching. Automatic processing of clocking records into attendance data enables effective staff management while integrating with payroll software saves time in payroll processing