8 Key factors to consider before purchasing payroll software in Kenya

Payroll software in Kenya
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As Small and Mid-Sized businesses continue to thrive in the Kenyan marketplace, there is a need in increasing their efficiency in terms of internal operations; one of the important things to start with is to purchase payroll software.

There are a few things that you need to bear in mind when shopping for Payroll software in Kenya to guarantee that you have smooth operations in your business and human resources department.

Payroll software is crucial for your business because it helps you to keep your payroll in good order and helps in the calculation of the necessary statutory deductions.

How to purchase payroll software in Kenya the right way

Below are eight factors that you need to consider when selecting payroll software in Kenya.

1. Configurable payment parameters

As a Kenyan company, the first thing you need to ask yourself is this. Is the software usable in Kenya i.e. Are you able to update rates for PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, and pension, are all current banks with branch codes included, this will go a long way in making your payments easy and convenient.

2. Scalability

Is your company able to grow with the software? You should go for a scalable solution that will expand as your company expands and which is fully networkable in case your company grows and has several departments and also support a large number of new employees.

3. Number of Employees

How many employees need their payments processed? If you can answer this question then it will be a determining factor in the choice of payroll software which you select also take into consideration casual workers who will come in seasonally. Many payroll software will be divided into groups of employees e.g. 10-20, 20-40 and this are important in determining the pricing of the software.

4. Who is currently using the software?

Are there clients who are currently using this software in Kenya? Make sure that the company provides a list of clients who are actually using this software, these act as a pointer to show that the software is not just a concept but is also usable.

5. Ease of use

Well, it’s not all the time that your accountant will double up to be the I.T savvy person so it is vital that you get payroll software that is relatively easy to use, it would be prudent to purchase software that doesn’t take you months to know your way around it. Go for a simple user-friendly software that provides a smooth learning curve for the users.

6. Support

Many companies experience usually have a challenge at one point or another in the usage of any business software. It is advisable to go for local software if you need local support. If you are able to get good support for your software then it goes a long way in ensuring that business runs smoothly. If you are in contact with people who have the software, your requirements can be addressed individually and solved according to your specific needs.

7. Flexibility

Many software’s in the market come in as a one size fits all and sometimes are not flexible enough to meet your specific requirements, a good software should be able to offer features such as maintaining check-offs, using custom pay grades for specific job groups, and flexible pension calculations. It would be a plus to have software that can automatically calculate payments based on hours or days worked.

8. Can you download a trial version?

Are you provided with an option to download a trial version that you can evaluate against your requirements before making the actual purchase? A company selling credible payroll software will usually allow you to download and test run their software before committing to doing a purchase.

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