Business Process Automation and How It Helps HR And Payroll Management

business process automation
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What is business process automation?

Business process automation is the process of managing data, information, and processes to reduce resources, cost, and investment. It helps increase productivity through computing technology by automating important business processes.

Business process automation can be in many forms including literal assembly lines in the auto industry to self-service gas station pumps. It not only automates business processes, but it also simplifies and improves business workflow.

BPM (Business Process Automation) ensures that automated business processes get managed collectively to help improve the overall workflow of an organization. With this, the organization is able to change according to the needs of the business, achieve greater efficiency, clarify responsibilities of every employee and job role and reduce human error.

Examples of areas where automation can be done

•    Management
•    Sales
•    Invoicing
•    Contract management
•    Human resource
•    Operations

Use of automation in HR and Payroll  management

BPM reduces costs incurred during payroll processing by reducing errors in paychecks and invoices. Accountants in companies have to go through numerous spreadsheets, make calculations, cut checks to various payments and taxes, fill out forms from the government, and more often than not they have to make deposits to various accounts. If calculations are wrong or payroll is delayed, then it could lead to legal problems.  It’s a tedious process.

With automation, however, your heart can be at ease since you know that employees are being paid accurately, you are complying with the law on time and you can track employee performance, like how early they get to work.  Tax filing for employees becomes also easier to handle.

Other benefits of automation include cutting down on data gathering, processing of information, disbursement, and reporting. It helps cut down on printing costs required for payslips that can be checked online instead of by employees. It becomes easier to also add new employees and adjust salaries when an employee is terminated or quits.

Improve your processes. Improve your business

Business process automation helps companies streamline all processes in the business (even the most complex) by applying communication technologies that have been proven to prioritize, capture, escalate, route, manage and track processes through the lifecycle of the entire process. This approach to automation of processes offers other benefits including:

Reduction in costs, time, and complexity while deploying the automated process.

The automation process leverages configuration instead of customization. You don’t need to rip or replace the existing systems. It will fit easily into your existing environment and makes use of information that’s already existing from websites, databases and multiple systems.

It improves operational performance

It makes you control and visualize every business process. You can monitor your business in real-time and automate escalations so that all your processes run on schedule at all times. Detailed reporting of the system also ensures that you gain insight into the performance of employees and the process too.

Processing quality and speed are increased.

It ensures that a task is assigned to the best-qualified employee. The information they get is relevant and from multiple systems and they are guided through their work.

Collaboration and customer experience is improved and enhanced

It seamlessly connects internal employees to customers and to each other. They can schedule follow-ups, use a preferred channel to communicate with customers, and can track every process.

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