10 Jun
Payroll software in Kenya
Payroll Software in Kenya – Why it is so important
Category: Insights, Payroll
The use of Payroll Software in Kenya has become a norm; more and more companies are adopting the practice of doing their monthly wages using technology. The use of payroll software...
29 May
Payroll software in Kenya
8 Key factors to consider before purchasing payroll software in Kenya
Category: Payroll
As Small and Mid-Sized businesses continue to thrive in the Kenyan marketplace, there is a need in increasing their efficiency in terms of internal operations; one of the important...
20 Sep
Payroll software implementation
Payroll Software Implementation – How to ensure success
Category: Automation, Payroll
Payroll software implementation should not be carried out casually by any organization. A range of factors has to be considered to ensure that the software undergoes successful imp...
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